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About us

The designers at Ethan Stars have been creating high-end jewelry since 1969, with roots in the up-scale diamond industry. Today our talented artists specialize in creating jewelry that emanates style, luxury and quality while remaining accessible to the every day consumer.


Ethan Stars’ exquisite line of sterling silver jewelry is designed for the savvy, fashion forward consumer. Our small team draws from its decades of experience, dynamic and innovative artistry and keen fashion sense to continually create pieces that are at once both fresh and timeless. Our meticulous designs are individual works of art created to express the unique beauty and style of our customers.


The distinctive line of jewelry at Ethan Stars features sterling silver and semi-precious stones which have been woven together for an elegant and unforgettable look. When you purchase an original Ethan Stars piece, you are guaranteed a superior level of craftsmanship, only derived from genuine talent and years of experience. Ethan Stars is Beauty, Elegance and Style.